Installing Nix

To use vpsAdminOS, you need to install Nix. Nix is a functional package manager around which vpsAdminOS is built. Please follow the installation instructions.

Downloading vpsAdminOS

Clone the git repositories of vpsAdminOS and our version of nixpkgs:

git clone
cd vpsadminos
git clone --branch vpsadminos

Building the OS

The easiest way to try vpsAdminOS is to run it in virtual machine using QEMU. Before you can build the OS, you need to tell Nix to use our custom version of nixpkgs. Make sure that you're within the cloned vpsadminos repository.

export NIX_PATH="`pwd`"

Now you can build and run the OS using make:

make qemu

For the first time, the build will take at least an hour, because it has to compile the kernel and ZFS.


When the build finishes, a virtual machine is started, its console is in your terminal. By default, the OS creates a file on disk which is used as disk device for zpool called tank within the virtual machine. The zpool is used to store configuration and containers.

On the first boot, the pool will be automatically created and installed into osctld.

osctld will create several ZFS datasets and will generally assume that no one else is using the zpool. For more complicated use-cases, it is possible to scope osctld to a subdataset, see man osctl.

When you have at least one zpool imported and installed, you can proceed to container management.