Start Menu

Start Menu is a program from vpsAdminOS which is run in containers before the init system. It is an alternative to a bootloader, allowing the user to customize container start if needed. The menu can be seen in the console attached by osctl ct console. By default, the start menu waits 5 seconds before starting the init system.

Start Menu

  • Start system will start the container's init system as usual.
  • Select NixOS generation appears only in containers running NixOS. The user can choose the system generation to be started.
  • Run shell will start /bin/sh from the container. After the shell is closed, the start menu reappears. This can be used to access the file system when the system is not starting, e.g. due to a configuration error.
  • Run custom command can be used to add arguments to the init process or to run a different process as init.


The Start Menu is enabled by default. It can be configured per-container using osctl ct set/unset start-menu commands.

To increase the timeout to 30 seconds, use:

osctl ct set start-menu -t 30 myct01

To disable the menu altogether, run:

osctl ct unset start-menu myct01