vpsAdminOS is a custom spin of NixOS and as such is not supported by NixOS deployment tools such as NixOps or morph, although it is not too hard to patch them.

vpsAdminOS can be built from its repository using make, which is calling nix-build under the hood. Check the Makefile for more information. Another approach is to use os-rebuild, an alternative to nixos-rebuild, from an already installed system.

At, we use our own tool for deploying vpsAdminOS and NixOS called confctl.


confctl is a Nix deployment tool similar to NixOps, morph, etc. See its homepage for more information.

vpsfree-cz-configuration is a confctl configuration used at It also contains modules to build a PXE server to boot vpsAdminOS systems over network.


If you'd like to deploy vpsAdminOS systems using NixOps or morph, it is not too hard to patch them. We used them before we moved to confctl.

The main difference between building NixOS and vpsAdminOS is that when building NixOS, you import module <nixpkgs/nixos/lib/eval-config.nix>. To build vpsAdminOS, you need to import <vpsadminos/os/default.nix>. Examples of the necessary changes can be found at our deprecated forks that include vpsAdminOS support: